Semen Research in Bangladesh

Mr. Abdul Awal Mintoo and Mr. Simon Groot of the Netherlands started Lal Teer Seed Ltd in 1995 to produce a small array of seed varieties. Bangladesh, being geographically located at the agriculturally fostered basin, still suffers from a large deficit of vegetable prerequisites. Economic and technological constraints continue to play the major determinants in fostering this ongoing problem. Lal Teer Seed Ltd was founded with the vision to mitigate this specific point. Keeping the need for research in mind and how it can help Bangladeshis understand more about seed yielding and seed variety, Lal Teer Seed Ltd was started. With extensive research and collaboration with local communities across 64 districts of Bangladesh, Lal Teer Seed has become the largest biotechnology and seed Production Company in the country. Recently, Lal Teer has been expanding its operations to open up new markets internationally in South Asia and beyond. As an extension of its seed distribution efforts, in September 2008 Lal Teer started a joint venture with United Phosphorus Limited, India, and entered into pesticide distribution.